Papers & Publications

Title Venue Year Authors
Giving a little ‘ayyy, I feel ya’ to someone’s personal post: Performing Support on Social Media CSCW 2019 2019 Danielle Lottridge, Nazanin Andalibi, Joy Kim, Jofish Kaye
How Do People Change Their Technology Use in Protest?: Understanding “Protest Users” CSCW 2019 2019 Hanlin Li, Nicholas Vincent, Janice Tsai, Jofish Kaye, Brent Hecht
The Code That Never Ran: Modeling Attacks on Speculative Evaluation SP 2019 Craig Disselkoen, Radha Jagadeesan, Alan Jeffrey, James Riely
On Thin Air Reads: Towards an Event Structures Model of Relaxed Memory Computer Science 3/29/19, Volume 15, Issue 1 2019 Alan Jeffrey, James Riely
Telemetry-Aware Add-on Recommendation for Web Browser Customization UMAP 2019 Martin Lopatka, Victor Ng, Ben Paul Miroglio, David Zeber, Alessio Pierluigi Placitelli, Laura Thomson
Communicating Dominance in a Nonanthropomorphic
Robot Using Locomotion
ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction 2019 Jamy Li, Andrea Cuadra, Brian Mok, Byron Reeves, Jofish Kaye, and Wendy Ju
Title Venue Year Authors
Josephine: Using JavaScript to safely manage the lifetimes of Rust data arXiv 2018 Alan Jeffrey
Barthes, and calling the mundane to account Critical Theory & Interaction Design 2018 Jofish Kaye
Accessible Voice Interfaces CSCW 2018 Robin N. Brewer, Leah Findlater, Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye, Walter Lasecki, Cosmin Munteanu, and Astrid Weber
Panel: Voice Assistants, UX Design and Research CHI 2018 Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye, Joel Fischer, Jason Hong, Frank R. Bentley, Cosmin Munteanu, Alexis Hiniker, Janice Y. Tsai, and Tawfiq Ammari
Will Automatically Importing User Data Help Overcome the Blank Slate Problem? CHI 2018 Jennifer Davidson, Jofish Kaye, Michael Verdi, Michelle Heubusch, Saptarshi Guha, Peter Dolanjski, Gemma Petrie
Imaginary Design Workbooks: Constructive Criticism and Practical Provocations CHI 2018 Mark Blythe, Enrique Encinas, Jofish Kaye, Miriam Lueck Avery, Rob McCabe, Kristina Andersen
A Hybrid DSP/Deep Learning Approach to Real-Time Full-Band Speech Enhancement MMSP 2018 Jean-Marc Valin
Predicting Chroma from Luma in AV1 DCC 2018 Luc. N Trudeau, Nathan E. Egge, David Barr
An Overview of Core Coding Tools in the AV1 Video Codec PCS 2018 Y. Chen, D. Mukherjee, J. Han, A. Grange, Y. Xu, Z. Liu, S. Parker, C. Chen, H. Su, U. Joshi, C.-H. Chiang, Y. Wang, P. Wilkins, J. Bankoski, L. Trudeau, N. Egge, J.-M. Valin, T. Davies, S. Midtskogen, A. Norkin, P. de Rivaz
The AV1 Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter (CDEF) ICASSP 2018 Steinar Midtskogen, Jean-Marc Valin
The Effect of Ad Blocking on User Engagement with the Web WWW 2018 Ben Miroglio, David Zeber, Jofish Kaye and Rebecca Weiss
Title Venue Year Authors
Rust whitepaper Website 2017 Carol Nichols (contractor)
Bringing the Web Up to Speed with WebAssembly PLDI 2017 Andreas Haas, Andreas Rossberg, Derek L. Schuff, Michael Holman, Dan Gohman, Luke Wagner, Alon Zakai, JF Bastien
A Declarative DSL for Customizing ASCII Art PADL 2017 Felix S Klock II
Theme issue on Histories of Ubicomp Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 2017 Jofish Kaye & Molly Steenson
Undisciplined disciples: everything you always wanted to know about ethnomethodology but were afraid to ask Yoda Personal & Ubiquitous Computing 2017 Alan F. Blackwell, Mark Blythe, Jofish Kaye
CHI-nnabis: Implications of Marijuana Legalization for and from Human-Computer Interaction CHI’17 Extended Abstracts 2017 Brian C. Keegan, Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Saiph Savage, Jofish Kaye, Munmun De Choudhury, Michael J. Paul
Policy Impacts on the HCI Research Community CHI’17 Extended Abstracts 2017 Jofish Kaye, Casey Fiesler, Neha Kumar, Bryan Semaan
Title Venue Year Authors
Engineering the Servo Web Browser Engine using Rust ICSE 2016 Brian Anderson, Lars Bergstrom, Manish Goregaokar, Josh Matthews, Keegan McAllister, Jack Moffitt, Simon Sapin
A Portable Interface for Runtime Energy Monitoring FSE 2016 Connor Imes, Lars Bergstrom, Henry Hoffmann
Parallel Performance-Energy Predictive Modeling of Browsers: Case Study of Servo HiPC 2016 Zambre, Rohit and Bergstrom, Lars and Beni, Laleh Aghababaie and Chandramowlishwaran, Aparna
Daala: A Perceptually-Driven Next Generation Video Codec DCC 2016 Thomas J Daede, Nathan E Egge, Jean-Marc Valin, Guillaume Martres, Timothy B Terriberry
Daala: A Perceptually-Driven Still Picture Codec ICIP 2016 Thomas J Daede, Nathan E Egge, Jean-Marc Valin, Guillaume Martres, Timothy B Terriberry
Daala: Building a Next-Generation Video Codec From Unconventional Technology MMSP 2016 Jean-Marc Valin, Timothy B. Terriberry, Nathan E. Egge, Thomas Daede, Yushin Cho, Christopher Montgomery, Michael Bebenita
Perceptually-Driven Video Coding with the Daala Video Codec ADIP 2016 Yushin Cho, Thomas Daede, Nathan E. Egge, Guillaume Martres, Tristan Matthews, Christopher Montgomery, Timothy B. Terriberry, Jean-Marc Valin
On Thin Air Reads: Towards an Event Structures Model of Relaxed Memory LICS 2016 Alan Jeffrey, James Riely
A Model of Navigation History arXiv 2016 Alan Jeffrey, Connor G Brewster
Title Venue Year Authors
Experience Report: Developing the Servo Web Browser Engine using Rust arXiv 2015 Brian Anderson, Lars Bergstrom, David Herman, Josh Matthews, Keegan McAllister, Manish Goregaokar, Jack Moffitt, Simon Sapin
Predicting Chroma from Luma with Frequency Domain Intra Prediction SPIE 2015 Nathan E Egge, Jean-Marc Valin
Perceptual Vector Quantization for Video Coding SPIE 2015 Jean-Marc Valin, Timothy B. Terriberry
Adaptive Motion Compensation Without Blocking Artifacts SPIE 2015 Timothy B. Terriberry
Using Daala Intra Frames for Still Picture Coding PCS 2015 Nathan E Egge, Jean-Marc Valin, Timothy B Terriberry, Thomas Daede, Christopher Montgomery
Title Venue Year Authors
Protecting Users by Confining JavaScript with COWL OSDI 2014 Deian Stefan, Edward Z. Yang, Petr Marchenko, Alejandro Russo, Dave Herman, Brad Karp, David Mazières
Typed Objects in JavaScript DLS 2014 Nicholas D. Matsakis, David Herman, Dmitry Lomov
Sweeten Your JavaScript: Hygienic Macros for ES5 DLS 2014 Tim Disney, Nathan Faubion, David Herman, Cormac Flanagan
Title Venue Year Authors
HPar: A Practical Parallel Parser for HTML — Taming HTML Complexities for Parallel Parsing TACO 2013 Zhijia Zhao, Michael Bebenita, David Herman, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen
Cross-compiling Java to JavaScript via tool-chaining PPPJ 2013 Arno Puder, Victor Woeltjen, Alon Zakai
Voice Coding with Opus AES 2013 Koen Vos, Karsten Vandborg Sørensen, Søren Skak Jensen, Jean-Marc Valin
High-Quality, Low-Delay Music Coding in the Opus Codec AES 2013 Jean-Marc Valin, Greg Maxwell, Timothy B. Terriberry, Koen Vos
Title Venue Year Authors
Parallel Closures: A new twist on an old idea HOTPAR 2012 Nicholas D. Matsakis
Status Report: Dependent Types for JavaScript STOP 2012 Ravi Chugh, David Herman, Ranjit Jhala
Dependent Types for JavaScript OOPLSA 2012 Ravi Chugh, David Herman, Ranjit Jhala
Title Venue Year Authors
Emscripten: an LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler OOPLSA 2011 Alon Zakai