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Daala Progress in 2014

The Daala team has been hard at work making improvements to our royalty-free video codec. This year we’ve spent a large amount of effort improving still image coding and building tools to evaluate our performance against other codecs. Video performance has also been improving greatly, but we’ll cover that in a later update.

We focused on still images because the work is a subset of the work needed for a video codec, and it is an area where research has stagnated since H.264. Additionally, Daala’s unique design makes still image coding one of the hard problems to solve. It’s an obvious early goal to outperform other codecs in this area.

Monty has posted a progress update along with interactive demos that show our progress over the year as well as comparisons between Daala and other well known codecs like JPEG and HEVC.

Preview of the comparison tool included in the update

Preview of the comparison tool included in the update

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