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Mozilla Research Grants: Call for Applications

Mozilla seeks applications for research funding to support our mission: to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. In particular, for the 2017H1 funding cycle, we are looking for research projects that prototype, explore and characterize the future: we’re looking to support research would benefit a free and open internet. These grants may include topics both inside and outside of Mozilla’s core focus on Firefox, as well as  topics that fit more broadly with our vision for improving the web.

Our key objective is identifying research projects in line with our mission. Areas we have funded in the past include networking, security, compilers, software verification, software power management, and developer tools. Other areas we are interested in supporting include virtual, mixed and augmented reality, machine learning, home networking and router use, studying internet health, developing open data resources, decentralized technologies, improving web anonymity, and exploring approaches to diversity in open source. These lists are by no means exhaustive: we are open to other proposals as long as they support our mission.

To learn more and to submit your application, see our application form here:

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