Conference Sponsorships

Mozilla believes in the value of conferences to facilitate the exchange and growth of information, and is committed to supporting conferences that facilitate our core mission of making the web open, safe and accessible to all.

For all conferences starting in 2018 and beyond that Emerging Technologies funds, we require a Code of Conduct and an Accessibility Chair. These two requirements improve the quality, diversity and inclusiveness of conferences.

For guidance on a code of conduct, please see Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines.

For guidance on an accessibility chair, please see these guides from Mozfest, SIGCHI and from SIGACCESS.

Emerging Technologies funds two kinds of conferences: research conferences and developer conferences. Research conferences give researchers a chance to present and discuss their work and developer conferences help developers understand new technologies and products.

Research Conferences

In recent years, we’ve sponsored Crypto, CSCW, ECOOP, the IETF Hackathon, ISMAR, AoIR, RWC, EPIC, SPLASH, ICFP, HCIC and UIST conferences.

If you’d like to request sponsorship for your conference, the General Chair should fill out this form and follow the directions. You’ll need a Mozilla champion. If you’re outside of Mozilla, please find a Mozilla employee as a champion for your conference. Unfortunately, we can’t help you find a Mozilla employee to be your champion. We want to ensure that there is sufficient Mozilla engagement with any conferences we sponsor.

Developer Conferences

In 2017, we sponsored more than 100 developer conferences relevant to the work we do in Mozilla, including premiere events like JSConf, CSSConf, and Brazil.JS, where we focused on technology like VR, CSS, JavaScript, Quantum and WebAssembly.

If you’d like to request sponsorship for your developer conference, please fill out the form here.